We have received information from the Director of Medical Services at our medical Centre that there are increasing cases of Covid-19 infections in the University.

So far six (6) students and two (2) administrative staff have tested positive.  In addition, many students have cough and flue and a number of them have refused to be tested, hence the situation may be worse than is reported.

There has been information exchange on social media from students denying the existence of Covid-19 in Kyambogo.  I ask you to disregard this misleading information.

I, therefore, want to inform you that the Country is facing a surge of Covid-19, and Kyambogo University may not be spared.

I, therefore, want to urge all Deans and Heads of Departments to engage the students through ODeL as planned and shown in the schedule released by the Academic Registrar.  I am glad that the School of Management & Entrepreneurship (SOME) has already taken this move.

I also want to urge all members of staff to get their vaccinations.  Students should observe the SOPs, engage in learning through ODeL and if you have cough or flu, please stay at home until you recover.

Let everyone be alert and together we can protect ourselves from this surge of Covid -19.

Office of the Vice-Chancellor