Historical Perspective

At its inception in 2003, Kyambogo University (formed through a merger of three institutions, namely, ITEK, UPK and UNISE) did not have a Human Resource Management Unit (Report of the Restructuring, 2004).  The restructuring report recommended the Human Resource Development Unit to handle staff Training and Development.

Consequently, in response to the unrest and strikes resulting from the implementation of the imperfect structure and resultant problems of integration of merged staff the establishment of Human Resource Unit was recommended (Adhoc Committee, 2006: ii).

In 2006, an HR section of two staff, namely, a Human Resource Development Officer and a Senior Administrative Assistant was created and appended to the Office of the University Secretary for administrative convenience because it had not been provided for in the University structure.

In 2007 the Cabinet Committee on the unrest and strike at Kyambogo University (2007:50) directed the establishment of a Human Resource Department with competent human resources given the vital role it plays in running a University. As a result, the process of establishing the Directorate of Human Resources started in November 2009 to address the concerns about the inadequate handling of the HR function. This was justified by the increasing rate of recruitment vis-à-vis glaring inadequacy in handling human resource requirements, ever-increasing demands for staff welfare and inadequate capacity of the already existing HR section. 

Starting as a reaction to the HR challenges, the Human Resource Unit was elevated to a full HR directorate which was operationalized in 2010-2011 with 2 Sections: HR Planning, Development and Welfare and Human Resource Management and Records. Currently, the Directorate has a team of 21 staff (12 Male: 9 Female) and it is headed by a Director. It is gradually transforming from a purely operational and transactional in character to a strategic partner responsible for ensuring optimum utilization of the human resources in the pursuance of the corporate goals of the university.