Faculty of Science

The faculty has the following departments; Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Food Processing Technology!

Faculty of Engineering

This faculty has the following department; Lands and Survey, Civil Engineering, Mechanical and Production Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education

The departments in this faculty are; Foundations of Education, Psychology, Educational Planning and Management, Teacher Education, Early Childhood Education, Distance Education and Curriculum Teaching, Instruction and Media Studies

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

The faculty has the following departments; Language and Communication, Literature, Geography and Social Studies, History and Political Science, Religious Studies and Philosophy, Economics and Statistics, Development Studies, Music and Performing Arts and Sociology and Social Administration.

Faculty of Vocational Studies

The faculty has the following departments; Agriculture, Home Economics and Nutrition and Art and Industrial Design.

Faculty of Special Needs & Rehabilitation

The faculty has the following departments; Special Needs Studies, Community and Disability Studies, Adult and Community Education.

School of Management & Entrepreneurship

This school has the department of Business Administration and Entrepreneurship, Management Science and Procurement and Marketing.

School of Graduate Studies

The school coordinates graduate programmes from all faculties and departments within the University.